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One of the leading companies in the Egyptian and Arab market in the field of information technology, - established in early 2009 by a group of specialists to start its activity and compete in leadership at the level of the Egyptian and Arab countries, - It achieved many achievements in that short period and acquired the The confidence of customers and we have cherished customers from different Arab countries - We have produced many software solutions suitable for all businesses, which we took into account in developing a number of standards that ensure maximum achievement, benefit and protection for our customers' business in a professional manner - Reaching the forefront of Arab companies in providing software solutions and competition Globally - Providing a range of software solutions and services for institutions and individuals based on innovation and creativity to compete with other brands. Our goal is to enable and support the business, education and health sectors in the Middle East with integrated resource management software solutions

We seek to provide a truly distinguished service to customers in the Arab world and help improve the software infrastructure to compete globally in terms of the techniques used in building programs and content provided to users and provide our customers with globally efficient software technology that works to complete operations and procedures in the form Optimal.

What are the most important features of the accounts and stores program?

The accounts and stores program is distinguished in managing and controlling all distribution operations and various warehouse and logistical activities in an easy and flexible manner, which is one of the best warehouse accounts program and is fully responsible for the full documentary cycles of stores, sales and purchases.

How does the accounts and stores program work?

The Accounts and Stores program works very appropriately for all warehouses of companies, factories and institutions that have accounts of stores and multiple items. The Accounts and Stores program relies on all definitions and data for stores and items, and contains all movements through which everything related to inventory can be recorded.

What are the ways to arrange stores in the accounts and stores program?

The Accounts and Stores program provides complete flexibility in arranging stores and items in a way that meets the needs of the company, which ensures easy ways to stock inventory and inventory quantities in the places designated for each item, in addition to the ease of searching for items in stores.

How does the accounts and stores program monitor the stock and inventory of stores?

The Accounts and Stores program performs an integrated warehouse role in the light of a complete system of powers over the stores, screens and data that ensures the effectiveness of inventory control. The Accounts and Stores program also provides an impressive set of important analytical reports that provide real-time information about the inventory in terms of volume, cost and sales value to follow up the inventory accurately.

How is the accounts and stores program evaluated?

The effectiveness of the Accounts and Warehouse program is evaluated by the ease and flexibility it offers in creating sales and purchase invoices and coding stores and items according to the work activity of each company.

What are the prices of the accounts and stores program?

The prices of the accounts and stores program for companies, institutions, factories and warehouses issued by the Sales Pro accounts program system are compatible with all large and medium companies, regardless of the nature of the work.

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